End All Foreign Aid Now

We at the Rio Grande Foundation pretty much focus our attention on New Mexico. But, New Mexico taxpayers pay federal taxes and that means that we pay for the billions of dollars the federal government sends overseas in the form of so-called “foreign aid.”

Foreign aid is both ineffective and immoral because we are using government force to transfer money from US taxpayers to foreign despots. With all that is going on in Egypt right now, it is readily apparent that the $1.5 billion the US is sending to the country is not being used for the benefit of that nation’s people, but to keep a corrupt regime in place.

Sen. Rand Paul is one of the few people in Washington who is serious about eliminating the budget deficit and putting the federal government on a sound fiscal footing. He says that we should eliminate all foreign aid. I think he’s right.

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4 Replies to “End All Foreign Aid Now”

  1. Agreed. We do need to cut all Foreign Aid. We should also be cutting Foreign Intervention. Finally, we should cut Foreign Military Personel. Basically, we should become the nation that Thomas Jefferson (or was it John Adams) envisioned…we stay neutral amongst the disputes among nations unless a direct threat is made to the shores of USA.

    I hope Rand can get enough of our rulers on board to institute real change.

  2. It is often argued that foreign aid is a trivial portion of the total budget. If our representatives were honest this would be true. What is never discussed about foreign aid is that most of the foreign aid budget is hidden from public scrutiny, hidden in the budgets of other agencies. In the case of Egypt the press keeps mentioning 1.5 billion dollars a year- officially Egypt has been getting more than 2 billion dollars a year. Any reasonable estimation of what the Egyptian government costs, and what the Egyptian government receives from squeezing their own people, tourism, and the Suez Canal still leaves a gap that 2 billion dollars does not begin to cover. The situation is comparable to Israel- officially they get over 3 billion dollars a year. Just before Olmert stepped down as Prime Minister, President Bush visited Israel. In his speech welcoming the President, Olmert thanked him for having scheduled nearly 30 billion dollars in aid for Israel for the coming year. According to the US Budget, the entire foreign aid budget for the whole world in 2009 was under 30 billion dollars. Needless to say C-Span quickly pulled the video from its website. In a real constitutional republic the citizenry can only be free if the operations of their government are transparent. If our rulers are able to lie to us about the federal budget- telling us that the foreign aid budget is a fraction of what it really is- are we any freer than the Egyptians?

  3. I’ll take this up a notch. End all subsidies foreign and domestic. All subsidies are criminal as they steal from Peter to pay Paul. This is a fraud. We need many more men of an honest persuasion like The Paul’s. Men who know that freedom and liberty lie in the least government necessary.

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