Energy Bill: Hidden Surprise

Just a few days ago, I wrote about a few of the worst provisions contained in the Energy Bill. Now, come to find out that tucked away in this waste of paper was a measure that will force the traditional incandescent light bulb off the market by 2012.
So, by 2012, Americans will be forced to buy expensive light bulbs which contain mercury, a toxic element the environmentalists have criticized President Bush for not regulating aggressively enough.
Let me get the logic here: Power plants are bad because they put mercury into the atmosphere, but mercury in our light bulbs is okay even though it vaporizes at room temperature and literally destroys our body in high concentrations!
Of course, mercury is a side issue here. The real issue is the supposed warming of our planet. Too bad for the alarmists that 2007 saw global cooling, some are arguing that another ice age may be imminent, and some 400 climate scientists are disputing man-made warming.