Energy sector job growth is NOT a win

What if you had a power source that was free and plentiful?  That would be a good thing and it would allow for great expansions in prosperity. Fossil fuels have, for decades, provided affordable and plentiful energy, but so-called “environmentalists” and politicians like Sen. Heinrich aren’t really interested in cheap and plentiful energy.

Instead, they tout the number of jobs created in the subsidized wind and solar industries. See chart below. These aren’t necessary “clean” as the chart claims, but they DO require massive infusions of tax dollars and costly new investments in high tension wires like Heinrich’s beloved SunZia project in order to get wind and solar produced in New Mexico all the way to California.

The total price tag of SunZia is $8 billion which certainly means some jobs, but more importantly it requires massive subsidies and will ultimately result in more expensive (and less reliable) electricity.


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