Entrenched Bureaucrats Won’t Change (and that’s from a Democrat)

Seeking input from New Mexico government officials and agencies on how to do things more efficiently is like asking a cow for the best green chile cheesburger recipe. Despite the fact that New Mexico has more cabinet agencies than the federal government.

Yet, when Sen. Tim Eichenberg, chairman of the legislative Government Restructuring Task Force, tried to communicate with the bureaucracy to find ways to do things better or in less costly ways, he was stymied. Said Eichenberg, “Instead of suggestions (from state officials and employees), we heard impassioned defenses of the status quo.”

Of course dozens of boards could be eliminated and cabinet officials could be merged. My idea for Martinez: “Tell each of the top-level bureaucrats to find at least 5% savings at their agency or they lose their jobs.” Of course, many of these bureaucrats have the protections of civil service jobs, but many of them do not. It is high time that government bureaucrats realize they serve the taxpayers of this state, not themselves.

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2 Replies to “Entrenched Bureaucrats Won’t Change (and that’s from a Democrat)”

  1. All the more reason to replace as many bureaucrats as possible with managers who have private sector experience. My corporate experience taught me that downsizing is part of the normal business cycle. I always maintained two mental lists: a wish list of things I would do with more money and staff, and a hit list of cuts I would make if times were bad.

  2. State worker bureaucrats to citizens: “To hell with you. We own you. We will take more and more of your money and give you less and less until we have it all and give you nothing”.

    Citizens, you cut back. We want it all.

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