Environmental Improvement Board: Martinez’s first big decision?

Last night’s election results certainly represented a shift towards conservatism and the GOP here in New Mexico and nationally. With the election of Susana Martinez as the nation’s first Hispanic female Governor, fiscal restraint and limited government will hopefully be the dominant paradigm for the next four years.

While it was not as prominently reported — and it would seem they announced their decision on Election Day to keep it that way — New Mexico’s Environmental Improvement Board approved a New Mexico-only carbon cap.

So, Governor-Elect Susana Martinez faces an important early decision as far as what she should do with regard to the EIB’s carbon cap (which she has said she strongly opposes). An executive order rescinding the would be one way to repeal the new regulation which will, if it is not stopped, harm New Mexico’s economy by forcing 63 large industrial sources of greenhouse gas emissions – including power plants as well as oil and gas companies – to reduce emissions by 2% per year until 2020.

I hope Martinez takes action upon her inauguration to rescind the carbon cap. It will undoubtedly be an important early decision for the Governor-elect.

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9 Replies to “Environmental Improvement Board: Martinez’s first big decision?”

  1. We have to hope for small victories with Martinez. Her appointment of Heather Wilson to head up her transition team is already extremely disappointing. This sends a screaming message that the same old tired Republican bunch will be back in control. Choosing Wilson was the most extreme anti-change thing Martinez could have done. We know exactly what to expect from her, the same old thing. I am ready to vote her out!

  2. These Environmental whackos are sneaky aren’t they.

    Do you suppose they would have passed this if it was in the light of day. Kinda speaks to the character of the people on the EIB.

    They just don’t seem to get that if we make NM and island of uncompettiveness we all New Mexicans lose.
    Lose economic growth, lose jobs, lose the sources that fund our education.

    I would hope that the first thing Governor Martinez (boy does that sound good) does is fire the representatives on the EIB and replace them with people who have economic and environmental experience then recind the carbon cap.

    1. Before you make a comment like “Do you suppose they would have passed this if it was in the light of day. Kinda speaks to the character of the people on the EIB….” for heaven’s sake…and the truth’s…READ about this…EIB held MULTIPLE hearings about these matters. AND–good lord! the regulation only requires a 2%–two percent!!! reductions in emissions that can KILL. 2 percent!! Today she fires the entire board over this? What a purely- ideological action! Sad. Pitiful.

  3. This is just another example of a political pay off by Richardson that gave the enviromentalists one more way to wreck the economy of New Mexico. Susana Martinez needs to restructure the EIB board as one of her first acts. The EIB was a much more reasonable body when I ws on it in the mid 80’s when I was on it.

  4. First, the new Governor appoints these board members, so immediately take note of their expiration dates and move on that

    Second, the Environment Department must implement the regulations and implement some strategy to enforce the regulations. The new Secretary appointed by Gov. Martinez can immediately take steps tocurb the new regulation effects.

    Third, make no mistake, the NMED is flush with more environmental wacko staff that make the EIB lefties seem reasonable. Certainly, these Richardson appointees are clawing to keep their jobs by re-classifying to non-exempt positions. In which case, the new Governor and Secretary are going to be hampered by the residual “Richardson” gene pool.

    Fourth, the EIB’s twin organization, the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Air Quality Board, is next to hear a similar proposal. It happened once before with the Clean Car Emissions regulations from California shove on the Board by Richardsons NMED and the USEPA. I remember it well because I was the lone member who voted against the regulations. All of this occurred under the guise that global warming was going to. We can turn the ship and stop the stupidity, but it’s going to take one strong Secretary of NMED and a tough Governor.

  5. Why are decisions of this magnitude being made by an unelected board in the first place?

    I hope New Mexico’s experiment with two-party government will make our state a little less like a banana republic.

  6. Vernon Kerr (an estemed role model and friend from my geologic past) and Ausustine Grace are right on. Gov. Martinez needs to move ASAP to restore balance (and sanity?) to State Boards and upper administrative levels of most State Departments. However please don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater;” there are still many effective, hard-working and “reasonable,” rank-and-file State employees.

  7. The strength of any administration should be the statement of and the persuit of its economic and political direction and of its vision for the state, city, county, nation, etc. There will always be special interest groups who believe that their particular agenda is the correct direction and that anyone who opposes their wisdom is evil and misdirected. I believe that blaming the wisdom, corruption, greed, stupidity, or anything else of the (you name it) serves only to divide us and to polarize the citizens of our great State. I, for one, plan to keep an eye on the actions of the current administration and if I don’t agree with its direction, I will either support or work to remove this administration from office. That is my privilege, my right, and my responsibility. I worked the last election with this in mind and I will spend my energies toward effectively supporting Gov. Martinez or in defeating her next bid whichever I decide is correct at the appropriate time. Demonizing those I disagree with adds nothing to either side, include mine.

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