Environmental Improvement Board: Ringer on Board

I love unelected bodies like the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB). Their undemocratic nature is problematic enough, but being appointed by the Governor, they serve as nothing more than a gig (undoubtedly a cushy, paid one) for Friends of Bill.

Now, it turns out that the head of the EIB, Gregory Green, is the chief lobbyist for the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. Does this obvious conflict and bias mean that he’ll recuse himself from the proceedings? Of course not! Instead, the Wildlife Federation will simply not participate in the petition process.

With Gay Dillingham, another ardent environmentalist and close FoB on the EIB, it is clear that the fix is in. The only way to stop the EIB from seriously harming New Mexico’s economy is the lawsuit recently filed to strip the EIB of its authority in this matter.