Environmentalists are never happy

I wrote a few weeks back about the notable decline in US carbon emissions in recent years. The mainstream media picked up on it and gave a few details in a recent story which stated that US carbon emissions are at 20 year lows.

Great news, right? Huzzah for the environment and the positive impact such emissions reductions will have on global warming. Yeah, right. As Rob Nikolewski points out over at  Capitol Report New Mexico, enviros are not exactly dancing in the streets. Rather, they are instead attacking the “fracking” process which has freed up so much cheap, clean, natural gas, thus reducing carbon emissions and frustrating their efforts to mislead Americans into believing that hare-brained, government schemes are the only possible way to achieve a cleaner environment (assuming that we are to believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant). Oh, and if you believe that the recent, hot summer is the result of global warming as many enviros do, it would appear that US efforts to turn the tide may not have the significance many would desire.

There is no pleasing some people.

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2 Replies to “Environmentalists are never happy”

  1. The environmaniacs never give up because they are liberals and liberal causes are merely fronts for them to sieze and maintain control over everyone else’s life. The only way you get rid of them is to outvote them and win the inevitable lawsuits the parasites bring.

  2. Environmentalists have also read ‘Rules for Radicals’ If you haven’t, you should. It lays out everything Obama and his cohort have done and will do

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