Episode 376: Janice Arnold-Jones on New Mexico Election Laws

On this week’s podcast conversation Paul discusses New Mexico’s election system with former Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones. During her tenure in the Legislature Arnold-Jones was known for her work on government transparency. She has been working hard to educate voters on SB 6 and SB 8, two election bills moving forward in the current legislative session. While concerned about SB 6, Arnold-Jones has dire concerns about SB 8. Paul and Janice discuss both as well as the current state of New Mexico’s election law.

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One Reply to “Episode 376: Janice Arnold-Jones on New Mexico Election Laws”

  1. This was a great PodCast, very informative. Janice is very detailed about what is good and what is not. When I read in the newspaper what this bill (H8) was proposing I was horrified and immediately sent out a note to our representatives that I was totally against most of it, but as usual I doubt if I will get any satisfaction. Thank you.

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