Episode 402: Daniel Suhr – Vaccine Mandates and Roe Leak

Daniel Suhr is a Managing Attorney with the Liberty Justice Center, a conservative non-profit legal firm. Paul and Daniel discuss vaccine mandates, the judiciary’s performance during COVID, and numerous other issues relating to COVID and the government’s use of emergencies. They also discuss the Roe v. Wade leak (and apparent decision) and their implications for the Court.

Daniel spoke at a Rio Grande Foundation luncheon on May 5, 2022. Podcasts of the interview with Paul Gessing and a radio appearance with Bob Clark are below.

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2 Replies to “Episode 402: Daniel Suhr – Vaccine Mandates and Roe Leak”

  1. I am listening to Daniel Suhr. I am disappointed. Suhr offers up sweeping generalizations and broad judgments with no detail. Alito offers up many citations—usually taken as a sign of “scholarship,” but they are scaffolding only; the building is pretty flimsy. That generalization and that judgment, however, are amply detailed in my blog.

    One question: If it turns out the leaker was on the conservative side of the court, what will Suhr and what will you say?

    Another question: If the abortion issue is seen in terms of religious differences about the beginning of life, will everyone agree that the provisions of the First Amendment are relevant and actually determinative?

    1. Hey Michael, could you be more specific? What statements or assertions do you disagree with and why?
      Hopefully the Court successfully uncovers the leaker. It is important to prevent this behavior in the future. I’d be shocked if it were a conservative, but they should be prosecuted for sure and I’m sure Daniel would agree with that. Most prominent Democrat politicians from Biden on down have been les than critical of the leak which does reinforce my view. Only time will tell.

      In terms of your final point, I don’t think this is a religious question at all. It is merely a technology question. There are plenty of babies born VERY early these days, all the way to 21 weeks.

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