Episode Tipping Point NM episode 449:: Latest Poll, NM Last in Education Test Scores, Economy Shrinks, Wealthy Young Leaving

A new poll from Trafalgar Group puts Mark Ronchetti in the lead against Michelle-Lujan Grisham.

NM “lays an egg” in the latest NAEP education test scores. NM is dead last across all categories (4th grade reading/math & 8th grade reading/math).

MLG and a left wing group are attacking Ronchetti’s tax plans. But their critiques don’t hold water.

New Mexico: the energy state whose federal representatives (minus Herrell) hate energy. Gabe Vasquez would not improve that if he defeated Herrell.

New Mexico’s economy shrank during the first two quarters of 2022. It shrank by more than any of its neighbors in BOTH quarters.

New Mexico among states losing young, wealthy residents.

Paul always votes against bonds. He explains why and why a former UNM President seems to agree with him about Statewide Bond 3.