Europe concerned over energy crisis abroad, Haaland pursues limits on fossil fuel extraction

Numerous articles in major publications like Bloomberg are contemplating a serious energy crisis in Europe.  Here is one of many choice quotes:

Nations are more reliant than ever on natural gas to heat homes and power industries amid efforts to quit coal and increase the use of cleaner energy sources. But there isn’t enough gas to fuel the post-pandemic recovery and refill depleted stocks before the cold months. Countries are trying to outbid one another for supplies as exporters such as Russia move to keep more natural gas home. The crunch will get a lot worse when temperatures drop.

Unsurprisingly this crisis is being driven by Europe’s abandonment of traditional sources of energy. Japan and China have bought up much of the LNG that can be exported from the US and Russia simply isn’t willing (or able) to export what Europe would like to purchase.

All of this should be a warning for the United States and especially “green” politicians like Joe Biden and Michelle Lujan Grisham (to name just two). But Interior Secretary and radical environmentalist Deb Haaland made some disturbing comments this week and more importantly, while the federal land leasing moratorium was invalidated, the Administration continues to limit oil and gas drilling on federal lands. According to the article, “the number of permits the agency issued for oil and gas drilling in mostly western federal lands has declined to 171 in August from 671 in April.”

So, at a time of increasing energy demand and potential for the US (and New Mexico) to step up in ways that benefit both our European allies and our own economy, Biden and Haaland are working to limit energy supplies.