Even Castro Admits that Communism Doesn’t Work

It has only been about 50 years and untold suffering by millions of current and past Cubans, but Castro has apparently admitted for the first time that the Cuban economic model “doesn’t work.” Ironically, while even Castro has realized that Communism is a failure, President Obama’s health care plan moves us a big step towards the Cuban model.

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2 Replies to “Even Castro Admits that Communism Doesn’t Work”

  1. I don’t agree with Fidel Castro and his dictatorship over Cuba that has hurt Cuba and Cubans for decades. However, I do agree with the truth.

    Therefore I expect a correction from the Rio Grande Foundation after this: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/09/11/1818794/comments-were-misinterpreted-fidel.html

    Of course, trusting Jeffery Goldberg (who was instrumental in pushing George W. Bush administration arguments on Iraq that proved to be universally untrue) is a dicey proposition.

    Par for hte course for Mr. Gessing, unfortunately.

  2. Thanks Richard and Paul for bringing up this interesting topic. It looks like Richard is trying to disagree with Paul, but after reading the link Richard posted, it does indeed seem like Castro made those remarks! If anything, Castro’s lame attempts at trying to reframe his original (and apparently undisputed) statements, continue to show Castro is a bit crazy.

    Not sure a correction needs to be made by the Rio Grande Foundation, but I would love to hear more from Fidel and Richard how the the Cuban Communist model has worked—if that’s what they really meant!!

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