Even supporters (tacitly) admit that minimum wages kill jobs/hurt businesses

SB 416 has passed the New Mexico Senate on a party line vote. The bill raises the minimum wage, but as reported, the bill excludes businesses with fewer than 11 workers and farm and ranch workers.

I don’t get it. Why would those who claim to see an increase in the minimum wage as some kind of human rights issue not include employees of small businesses or farm and ranch workers? Farm and ranch workers, by the way, have some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation…far more dangerous than being a cop or fire fighter and yet these well-paid government workers can retire after a mere 20 years with generous pensions.  One might think that this legislation is based on political concerns as opposed to maximizing worker benefits….

And to top it all off, Sen. Bill Sharer tried to amend the minimum wage bill to $21.87 in Committee, but advocates of the wage floor voted against it. An $8.50 an hour wage is only good for a $17,680 annual salary. Why are the Democrats being so cheap? Sharer’s amendment would have set a minimum wage of $45,490. Now THAT is a real living wage! Since we have already accepted the “fact” that government bureaucrats and politicians can arbitrarily impose higher wages with no negative repercussions, I don’t understand the reluctance to go with the higher wage rate. Imagine all the extra money that’ll be pumped into the economy!!!!

While a great deal has been said and written about the minimum wage and its economic impact, the Heritage Foundation busts 5 myths of the minimum wage here.  

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