Even Washington is realizing that federalism is answer to ineffective government

With so much of the attention related to the government shutdown focused on America’s National Parks, it is a welcome development that Washington is allowing states to pay to keep the parks within their boundaries open. Some states are taking the offer while others, including New Mexico, are not.

As I wrote recently, the message is clear: when Washington fails, the states can and often will step up to solve the problem. It was the intent of America’s Founding Fathers that states manage a vast majority of resources and economic policies that are not managed by individuals and their businesses. Check out the 9th and 10th amendments.

Of course, RGF is going to continue to support federalism in general and state control of federally-controlled lands and we recognize that this will be a long-term struggle. However, allowing the states to financially support the National Parks within their borders is a tacit admission by Washington that states are better, more responsible stewards of these resources.