EV’s not popular among Americans in new poll

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to push her mandate which would force New Mexicans to buy electric vehicles. But, that effort at odds with new polling just published by Yahoo Finance. You can explore the results below, but 57 percent of Americans expressed an aversion to buying an EV in the near future. That compares to about 31 percent who are likely. or somewhat likely to buy one.

According to the article associated with the, “70% of those over the age of 65 would not (buy an EV), along with 60% of respondents that had an annual income below $50,000. The elderly and low-income are two large groups in New Mexico meaning that EV’s are likely even less popular here than in some other states.

You can submit comments on the EIB’s proposed mandates directly to the EIB through: pamela.jones@state.nm.us

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2 Replies to “EV’s not popular among Americans in new poll”

  1. You haven’t bothered to try to find a study that shows whether this number is increasing or declining. My bed is the former. A quarter of the country is close to 100 million people seriously considering purchasing an electric vehicle. I’m retired and I don’t want one either because I can’t afford one and it doesn’t serve my needs. You people are so obsessed with serving the oil and gas industry that nothing gets past your blinders.

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