Explaining the folly of NM’s Spaceport

New Mexico’s political leaders have few tools available to make the New Mexico Spaceport a viable initiative moving forward. We the taxpayers have already dumped $220 million into the facility to build it (sunk costs). The question at this point seems to be whether the facility can at least generate enough revenue to pay for day-to-day operations.

I recently sat down with Channel 13 KRQE to discuss the issue (my comments come toward the end of the story):

Given the recent crash in the Mojave Desert, there has been an upsurge of interest both nationwide and around the world. I recently discussed New Mexico’s struggles with the Texas Tribune and was quoted by a reporter from the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

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One Reply to “Explaining the folly of NM’s Spaceport”

  1. I have been saying this since about 1996 when the original $paceport plan was dumped due to the realization that the laws of physics and our current technology could not be overcome. I was a proponent of the original plan for developing the site as an R&D project. Since it was revived in about 2004, it has become nothing but a political tool which has further evolved into a typical policital money pit; and Martinez cannot save it and re-enforce here resume! Now, people like me are censored and gagged by our local newspapers in TorC. Political pressure is on from the top! And I am not a “space skeptic” as Anderson calls her critics in Sierra County. I grew up during the space race! There is so much that has been kept from the public. There are large scale violations of the Regional Spaceport Act and the FAA EIS Final agreement, that it is beyond laughable. We need new leadership and direction to salvage this huge waste of tax dollars! The Law needs to be amended and followed for a change. What ever happened to our American ideals of rule of law?

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