Extraordinary Session for New Mexico?

The Rio Grande Foundation has repeatedly expressed concern about Gov. Lujan Grisham’s overreach in addressing the Covid19 situation in New Mexico. Once a public health emergency has been called, the ability for anyone to hold the Gov. accountable is pretty limited.

A small group of legislators have responded to calls from their constituents to put a stop to Michelle Lujan Grisham’s executive orders with an unprecedented attempt.

They are using a provision in the New Mexico Constitution to call for an Extraordinary Session of the New Mexico Legislature.  You can see their website here.

That provision allows for 3/5ths of the legislators in the House and Senate to call a legislative session without the permission of the Governor or the Speaker of the House.

It may be a long shot, but it’s probably the only shot that legislators have at curbing MLG’s executive power.

To succeed, they’ll need 42 Representatives and 26 Senators.

I hope that this movement succeeds, but for success it will take every Republican legislator signing on, as well as Democrat defectors.

You can find out if your legislator as signed onto this effort and get their contact information by clicking on the logo below: