Fact checking Gov. MLG’s recent “Politico Energy Summit”

Gov. Lujan Grisham recently appeared via teleconference at an energy summit put on by Politico. You can watch the full video below. As the saying goes, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” So is it the case with our Governor who tends to make her own facts up as she pleases while the media often cover for her. In this post we time stamp her faulty and simply inaccurate statements:

Four Day school weeks do save money, but Lathrop students now have 25 more instructional hours than before, and that’s brought a couple added bonuses.

“Our ACT scores have really shown some improvement. If there was anything, that’s one area we’re up. The first four years, up every year, and five out of the last seven, they’ve been increased.”

The article also noted that “Attendance has also improved for students and staff.”

    • 10:50: “I’ve done $500 million tax cuts, largest in history of the state.” According to the FIR for 2022 tax reduction bill HB 163, the tax cuts signed by MLG will cut taxes by $424 million by FY 2026.” Richardson’s tax cuts of 2003 (passed by a Democrat-controlled Legislature) reduced taxes by $524 million once fully phased in and adjusted for inflation (using the BLS inflation calculator):
    • 14:15: Moderator: Your state is NOT on track to meet its clean energy goals.” MLG, “I think we ARE on track.” At 16:15 still responding to this question MLG states “We have free college.” “I’m producing workers in the renewable energy sector.”
    • 16:43: “New Mexico was framed, and in fact I might…I do disagree with that frame as an energy state and a leader in energy…” On what planet is New Mexico NOT a a leader in energy. Watch her say this within context below:

The Gov.’s full remarks can be found here: