FCC Head Wants to Make Cable More Expensive

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Kevin Martin, has waded into the debate over so called “a la carte” programming on cable television. What is “a la carte?” Essentially, the FCC wants to mandate that cable companies offer consumers the choice over what programming they do and don’t want to receive when they pay for cable (or satellite).
Of course, most consumers understand the concept of “bundling” of services and how costs can be driven down under such pricing schemes, but that is not good enough for the bureaucrats who regulate what we see and hear in the media. Worse, the FCC itself admits that an “a la carte” regulation would cost consumers even more money than they are already paying for these services.
If politicians want to cut costs, they might want to consider reforming video franchising at either the federal or state levels. Creating more competition, not government regulation, is the only surefire way to cut costs.