Federal hypocrisy on eagle deaths

If you or I kill an eagle, we likely go to jail. If the wind industry kills multiple bald eagles with their turbines, they get a pass from the Obama Administration and their friends at the Sierra Club.

Kind of brings to mind Stalin’s quote “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.”

But the issue is a serious one. Southeastern New Mexico is now facing yet another “endangered species” issue with the “Lesser Prairie Chicken.” Addition to the list could put a real damper on industry in Southeastern New Mexico.

I’m not saying that any wind farm that kills an eagle should be torn down; rather, I would say that the Endangered Species Act should be interpreted in ways that offer similar leeway to other industries and other uses of the land.

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One Reply to “Federal hypocrisy on eagle deaths”

  1. The Sierra Club’s hatred of the Oil and Gas Industry is such that they will use any “endangered species” concern to shut them down. Yet, they obviously have no such concerns when it comes to those ridiculous windmills!! Oil and Gas exploration doesn’t outright kill any animal or bird species, yet it’s proven that wind farms directly kill hundreds, if not thousands of birds. Amazing just how one-sided the Sierra Club is when it comes to energy! They are not true “environmentalists” as they would have us believe – they are simply haters of Oil and Gas!!

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