Federal Waste: Moving an Entire Town

To those who know anything about Albuquerque history, the idea of shifting a town may seem logical. After all, Albuquerque got its start at Old Town, but when the railroad came to town, downtown shifted to the current downtown which is known as “New Town.” All of this was done for market reasons, absent government subsidy. But that was the “good old days.”
Nowadays, the federal government — in this instance the Corps of Engineers — is more than happy to come in with hundreds of millions of dollars to move the town of Martin, Kentucky. Read the entire story from the Los Angeles Times here. All this for a town with a population of 633 according to the most recent census data. That is a subsidy of an amazing $138,000 per resident.
I don’t know if anyone has polled these people — wouldn’t be too hard with a population so small — but I’d think the Corps could probably convince them to move for $70,000 per person or less. And Obama wants to put the federal government in charge of health care and all energy-related decisions!
HT: PJ Chavez

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