Federalism All Star: Rep. Yvette Herrell

Despite the continued economic and educational difficulties faced by New Mexico’s economy, rhere are many hard-working elected officials who are striving to make things better. One of those people, a favorite of the Rio Grande Foundation, is Rep. Yvette Herrell. She was lauded this week by the national group Federalism in Action for her work on restoring states and the people to their role as the primary governing bodies in the various states.

Primary among Herrell’s initiatives is the Transfer of Public Lands Act which would restore certain federal lands in the West to state control, but Herrell works tirelessly to restore a proper balance between Washington and New Mexico. Kudos and thanks to Rep. Herrell!

Oh, and we’ll be on Scott Stiegler’s on 770KKOB show from 6 to 7pm on Thursday, December 19, to discuss the Transfer of Public Lands Act!