Federalism is Key to America’s Future

There are so many problems facing America these days. Congress frustrates just about everyone on all sides of the policy debate. Of course, this is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Power should not be centralized in Washington and, as we’ve seen over the last 70 years, it isn’t working.

As I wrote in this recent article, much of what Washington currently does, should be handed over to the states, thus restoring Constitutional federalism.

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One Reply to “Federalism is Key to America’s Future”

  1. Yes, but are all the states competent to work well?

    For example, CA is a political disaster and ND an economic failure from a declining farm market, until the oil industry found a major new field.

    Some states will always require some Federal help.
    But, it is time to ask about farm subsidies and why our post office is saddled with unions and requirements that are not needed except that Congress says so.

    Paul, in general, you are on the right step but need a bit more specificity to make this work.

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