Film not shut down, but gyms are in latest shutdown and real estate is no longer “essential”

Now that the weather has turned colder and drive-in movies are really not a thing in New Mexico, good luck watching movies outside the home. But, in an illustration of the political nature of the Gov.’s ongoing COVID 19 policy, New Mexico’s film industry will continue to work under their previously-negotiated agreement with the Gov.

For the time being, not much is happening in New Mexico’s film industry. And, while we definitely decry the massive subsidies given to this chosen industry by New Mexico taxpayers, we really have no issues with the Industry being allowed to operate under a separate set of restrictions and protocols.

One industry that is NOT being considered “essential” this time around is real estate. Despite the lockdowns, real estate in New Mexico (mostly residential) remains very hot as people from high cost states flee those places as they can now work remotely.

Golf courses which have operated safely (no known cases of COVID) since they were last shut down by the Gov. have also been shuttered.

The Gov.’s latest 2 week shutdown order again takes the “one-size-fits-all” approach that has gotten us to where we are now. As one local fitness facility owner told KRQE Channel 13, “As a small business owner, we’ve worked so unbelievably hard to keep our studios open, disinfected, socially distanced, so we are doing all the right things, the fitness industry takes [COVID] very, very seriously, and if you look at those [Rapid Response] watch lists, we’re not on it. I don’t care if you’re a big box gym [or] a teeny tiny Orangetheory. We’re not on it.”