Film Subsidy Debate: You’re Invited!

The Rio Grande Foundation is co-sponsoring a free legislative debate over the film subsidies currently offered by the state. The debate is Tuesday and more information can be found here.

Please let us know you’re coming by reserving a seat at We’ve been advocating for at least a $30 million cap on the program which would save taxpayers at least $30 million annually (perhaps even more as the program is not capped). This would put a significant dent in the $400 million budget deficit the state is now facing.

Come, learn about the program and decide (or weigh in) for yourself.

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3 Replies to “Film Subsidy Debate: You’re Invited!”

  1. When a cap is placed on the film incentives a cap is also placed on the income of over 4,000 film workers and businesses in New Mexico.

    When a cap is placed on the film incentives a cap is also placed on the personal income tax and secondary taxes paid by the film industry salaries and purchases.

    Only industry outsiders and those that are poorly inform feel that the New Mexico Film Incentives should be changed.

    To restrict the film industry in New Mexico will have a negative ripple effect in our fragile economy not to mention high education as well.

    The film industry should be the last place to start fixing New Mexico’s economy.

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