Finally, the free market alternative to ObamaCare

With Sen. Ted Cruz filling up the airways and ObamaCare about to take effect, I suppose it is better late than never for Republicans to introduce a free market health care reform alternative to the present law which expands government control and increases spending. The legislation, known as the “American Health Care Reform Act,” would take the all-important step of leveling the playing field between those who receive insurance from an employer and those purchasing it in the individual market. This is what I’ve often called the “original sin” of American health care.

The Daily Caller has a more detailed analysis of the bill which most certainly moves us in the right direction in US health care unlike ObamaCare, RomneyCare, or Bush’s Medicare Part D expansion.

Broadly-speaking, the Act, HR 3121, follows several of the RGF’s market-friendly ideas that reduce unnecessary government-imposed barriers between Americans and their health care providers.