First they came for your trans-fats…

With Democrats in control of Congress, global warming is bound to become an even bigger issue in 2007. New Mexico, apparently, will be leading the way as Governor Richardson recently outlined his plan to strictly regulate industrial emissions of so-called “greenhouse gases.”
Given all the talk of limiting industrial and automotive emissions, I was surprised to learn that the real cause of global warming is not cars and factories after all, but cattle. This article by Mr. Peters appeared in the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday and I’m still not sure if the author was joking when he wrote that we should be mandating catalytic converters to be fitted to the rear-ends and mouths of cattle….
As if the catalytic converter idea isn’t nutty enough, Mr. Peters then advocated placing heavy taxes on beef and bans on the serving of meat products. It is close to New Year’s, but nowhere near April Fool’s day. I hope the author was joking, but if you think his rationale will never be employed to restrict your freedom, you are sorely mistaken.