Florida vs. New Mexico? Really?

With GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis coming to Southeast NM over the weekend in support of Mark Ronchetti’s campaign to unseat Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, some current and former Democrat politicos in New Mexico have attempted to throw “shade” at DeSantis.

Rep. Liz Thomson also had these “kind” words to say about DeSantis regarding his more open COVID policies.

But whatever you think of DeSantis, it is hard to find ANY significant policy area where Democrat-dominated New Mexico performs better than DeSantis’ state of Florida (which has been much more politically-competitive but overall more conservative).

Despite Rep. Thomson’s statement above, Florida has performed better on COVID;

On the recently-released “Kids Count” report (by a left wing think tank), Florida ranked 35th while New Mexico came in dead-last.

According to Wallethub, New Mexico spends the 28th most on K-12 while our results are 51st while Florida spends 44th most but performs 14th-best.

RGF put the following together awhile back on a variety of data points which all point towards Florida.

If you can find a legitimate measure of governance in which New Mexico outperforms Florida, please email it to us: info@riograndefoundation.org

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10 Replies to “Florida vs. New Mexico? Really?”

    1. Family values are lost amongst those Republicans, they believe in women being pregnant barefoot in the kitchen, for Republicans nowadays, don’t have no morals, except for the ones that want Law and order like Liz Cheney so please stop bringing these money grubbing governors to NEW MEXICO we are too good for Florida’s governor… Mark Ronchetti’s needs to go back to Florida with him…

  1. It’s time for NM to take a positive turn in their elected leadership. The Democratic Party continues to fail NM on all fronts. If NM voters want socialist policies, continue to vote for the Dems. If you want change, then support the Republicans who have the abilities and support to make NM a prosperous State.

  2. 28th in spending for K-12 but still dead last in academic scores. Huh, dems really do line their pockets with state funding money. Further proof that MLG is a bumbling idiot who needs to be impeached! Mishandled Covid and our failing state economy

  3. Comparing New Mexico to Florida is like comparing apples to oranges. The two states differ in everything from Historical development to topography, to people composition and much more.

    1. OK, that’s fair, but MLG and other Democrats are trashing Florida and his leadership. Sadly, New Mexico is last in most everything relative to other states. What states do YOU think New Mexico should be compared with? Arizona is one and they crush us on nearly every metric.

    2. When taking all-cause excess deaths into account, NM comes in 50th. This metric has the advantage of accounting for deaths caused by the disastrous lockdowns instituted, and not just COVID. That’s worse than Florida, Texas, everyone. Want to argue that NM is unique among all the states so that no comparison is valid? The death toll shows that locking down businesses and schools such as done here in NM did no good and instead a great deal of harm.

      Why Ronchetti and the Republican party don’t raise this issue in advertising is mystifying. NM is *still* under an emergency declaration so that the harmful lockdown policies can be re-instituted at any moment. Call for the governor to end the emergency now!

  4. I hope Mark Ronchetti will learn from DeSantis and turn New Mexico around, in particular the well fare of children. New Mexico has an abysmal record. It’s time people wake up to the crimes going in at CYFD, the public school system and wellfare system. People can not prosper under the current conditions and all politicians should be held accountable as well as having term limits to rid the system of corruption.

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