Food Stamps Shopper @ Whole Foods?

I love Whole Foods. They have good food there and as an added bonus, their CEO and founder, John Mackey, is a free market libertarian who stuck his neck out to oppose the terrible health care legislation now moving through Congress and propose his own market-oriented reform ideas.

That all said, my wife and I don’t shop at Whole Foods all that often. It is really expensive. But apparently, people on food stamps can shop there. This from a story by Leslie Linthicum in today’s paper (unfortunately the online version doesn’t have the pictures like the paper does). Anyway, Lisa Aragon, the recipient interviewed, is photographed shopping at Whole Foods at taxpayer expense. Interesting that I shop at Wal Mart while she gets to shop at the high-end grocery. One would think Aragon might have gone to a less upscale place to shop if nothing else but for the benefit of the paper…

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12 Replies to “Food Stamps Shopper @ Whole Foods?”

  1. Yes, i was thinking the same thing while reading that caption and noticing the Whole Foods logo on the basket she was holding.
    Unbelievable, no shame, only entitlements.

  2. Be slow to judge another, my friends! Frankly, when you shop at the right hour at Whole Foods, you can consume a free meal in healthy snacks. Also, one loaf of healthy bread at WF equals 3 cheap loaves at Wal-Mart. Shopping at WF removes a lot of junk food temptations and means a shopper will buy less food, but food of a better quality. I shop more at Sunflower because of its healthy and fresh produce that is priced way below WF.

  3. Yes, I noticed the beautiful assortment of vegetables and fruits from the picture and also noticed that the basket was from Whole Foods. I would love to shop at Whole Foods myself but can not afford it. Instead I shop at Walmart and/or Smith’s. It is upsetting to see people taking advantage of governmental handouts! I had a question for the Journal. Did Aragon choose to be a part-time worker because of her newborn baby and going to school to better her education or was she forced by her employer to work part-time?

  4. I would love to be able to afford shopping at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, If I work any more, I will be taxed at a higher income. So I limit my income and as a consequence cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods. What a bust.

  5. Isn’t welfare wonderful?! You can have a baby without the intrusion of a “daddy”, shop in the most expensive health food store in a city full of convenient and cheaper health food stores, use the handy food stamp debit card so it doesn’t look so obvious that you’re on food stamps AND you only need to work part-time, mostly likely because you are living somewhere for free or reduced rent and clothing for free is available from a myriad of sources. What hath this nanny-state/nation created?! Personal responsibility has been replaced by “Hello. I am from the government and I am here to help [keep you on Uncle Sam’s Plantation].” Free money is a drug.

  6. My family is on food stamps. It is not something that we are proud of but, we sure are greatful for. We never imagined we would be in this position. I am considering shopping at whole foods because our 13 month old has allergys to milk, eggs, wheat and peanuts. I have found a few items he can eat from wal-mart and I will still shop there as well. I guess all Im trying to say is, you never know the position a person is in. Please dont be so quick to judge. I bet if you really needed the help and your childs life depended on it you too would do the same.
    And yes, I know that there are people out there that work the system. But, what happened to Love thy neighbor? What we see on the outside is only half of what is reallly happening. I know we can all realate to that is some form. The only thing you should be thinking is how greatful you are not to be in thier position.

  7. I appreciate what you are saying. There are obviously extenuating circumstances, but I think it is open to question as well. Heck, if, God forbid, my family were on food stamps and the newspaper wanted to interview me about it, I’d make sure to explain why I was shopping at an upscale place like Whole Foods.

  8. I guess it is safe to assume that everyone posting the negativities are white??? Of course. So typical of you all to insist the underprivileged should continue to have the scraps in life. I work, attend Rutgers University, am married, and own my own home. Not your “typical” foodstamp recipient. Regardless of our income or skin color we are humans too. I have the desire to be healthy and I want my children to eat healthy. I have the right to shop wherever I please and to spend my foodstamps however I want. The truth of the matter is that you people will never be happy as long as “scum of the earth” people like me are alive. I pay taxes too and I make no apologies for needing a little extra help. I will proudly walk into Whole Foods for the first time this week, happily dive through all the fabulous, healthy foods I hear they have, take my time examining all the luxurious items, gracefully place them in my cart, and unabashedly pull out my foodstamp card to pay for it all. And when I get home I will make sure to thank GOD for always providing for the needs of my family. I hope the stones you have in place of your hearts will one day be melted into loving, feeling things.

  9. I don’t believe a person should have to explain why they are shopping at one store over another, they also shouldn’t be looked upon differently because they are using food stamps. FYI: NOT all people who recieve food stamps are “milking” the system. Some of those people actually have jobs and pay taxes just like you do! Before you judge a person make sure you know ALL the facts, you never know when you may fall into hard times and need a helping hand!

  10. The first time I ever shopped at Whole Foods on my own was years ago when I was on Food stamps. I haven’t stepped foot back into that store until now. I just got back on Food stamps. I get a large amount in Food Stamp money so I can actually go in and fill an entire cart full of products if I choose. I don’t think I should have to explain anything to anyone. More importantly I never will either. When one of you that have such an issue with me shopping at Whole Foods with my EBT card can be around when I am not receiving gov’t asst’ with my bills than so be it. Until then its my business because guess what? I have been paying taxes since I was 15 years old. Don’t worry so much about what people do with their food stamp money. It’s a blessing to be on them when you have them, and if you aren’t on them for life you feel so lucky that you don’t need them to pay for food. But I can very loudly say that I am not ashamed to be on them and never will. I don’t live my life for anyone but God and my family.

  11. Kudos to the moms here – I am a mother of 4 that lost everything in 2009- even a husband of 22 years. I have worked all of my life – started in one of my fathers stores at 12 years old. I’ve paid more in taxes than some people make in a year and now I find myself in a position to use the system I have supported with my hard work all these years. I for one am glad it’s there for me and my children. However, that does not mean I have to now poison our bodies with processed government cheeses and the like. Be very careful who your target your high and mighty attitude towards Mr. Gessing – Pride comes before the fall – you might be next.

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