For whom should you vote for President?

Election Day 2012 is just around the corner. While the current zeitgeist in American politics is that we vote for “the person we’d rather have a beer with” (if so, Romney is in trouble), we at the Rio Grande Foundation prefer that voters choose their preferred candidate based on who they actually agree with on various important policy issues.

To that end, I recommend this website. Whether you vote for the candidate you actually agree with is another story, but it is worth cutting through the media’s filters and actually figuring out with whom you agree. For example, my mother who typically votes Democrat was quite surprised to find that she agrees with Gary Johnson and, to a lesser extent, Mitt Romney far more than the other candidates in the race.

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4 Replies to “For whom should you vote for President?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Paul. I really liked the website because of the amount of questions it asked as well as giving you a different stance to take rather than just a Yes or No.

  2. LOL. From looking at the states map on this site, Gary Johnson should be in a close second behind Obama. Romney is way back….even behind the Green Party candidate is some states. Geesh. What I gather is most Republicans are indeed libertarians…..they just don’t know it. That is, until they visit this site. Good post. Thanks.

  3. Very useful to participate in these things; there are many opportunities.

    I am a Democrat, but a Jefffersonian Liberal , which likely places me with Libertarians most often. I certainly am not a Progressive, properly defined as a Collectivist.

  4. Wayne seems quite conflicted. He needs to read more libertarian literature. I’d start with “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt.

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