Fracking crazy! Colorado Gov. Drinks Fracking Fluid

The process known as “Fracking” has opened untold reserves of natural gas throughout the United States transforming economies and shifting the global balance of power. Natural gas is stealing market share from coal and reducing carbon emissions, but remains unpopular among the hard-line far left.

In New Mexico, Rep. Brian Egolf has introduced legislation demanding disclosure of the ingredients in fracking fluids. Oil and gas companies don’t like this because they consider their fluid ingredients to be “trade secrets.” In Colorado, the Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper is apparently drinking fracking fluid.

No matter what happens in terms of disclosure, fracking is here to stay and New Mexico could benefit more than most from the long-term boom in natural gas usage. Hickenlooper’s stunt is just more evidence of the safety of fracking.

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2 Replies to “Fracking crazy! Colorado Gov. Drinks Fracking Fluid”

  1. Would have think that the increase to Natural Gas supply, coupled with its low price, would tend lend itself to a natural pathway for markets and equipment to convert to the fuel source.

    Gotta love the long-tern potential for natural gas, thanks fracking innovation. Natual gas is a winner for NM.

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