Free Market Health Care: A Pro Life Issue

Recently, I discussed health care policy at the statewide New Mexico Right to Life Meeting. While the Rio Grande Foundation does not take positions on abortion or other “life” issues, we are supportive of life broadly-speaking in the sense that socialists tend to view the earth’s resources as being strictly limited with various groups battling over an ever-dwindling piece of the pie. Combining that attitude with the inevitable need to reduce costs in the ongoing push for socialized medicine, it is not a big leap to euthanasia and other anti-life policies.
Here are a few “pro-life” reasons to support free-market health care reform:

— Government will control who lives/dies and who receives treatment. Decisions will be based on political calculations, not concern for human life;
— It stifles innovation and the creation of new drugs and treatments, through the Food and Drug Administration “Evidence-based medicine;”
— It sucks – and will suck even more – resources from all of us, thus taking more of your life from you and especially your children/grandchildren.

At the conference I presented this compilation of socialized medicine horror stories from around the world. Also, bioethicistWesley J. Smith presented his thoughts on the current debate over the push in some circles to blur the line between humans and animals. A fascinating day indeed.