“Free” money proves stunningly popular (at least to those receiving it)

The Albuquerque Journal published an article on May 1 in which they touted the “success” of the State’s 10% solar system tax credit and lamented the fact that the program’s total cost to the State is capped at $12 million, a number that winds up being spent by the end of March in a typical year.

Unfortunately some solar customers miss out on the credit and wind up (heaven forbid) having to pay the entire cost of their solar system themselves. The Journal reporter (and headline writer) fails to find critics of the program and seems to believe that the ONLY problem with this excellent expenditure of our tax dollars is that the money runs out so quickly.

Numerous questions COULD be asked about whether adding so much solar to the grid is good for its stability or how this complicates efforts to keep the lights on, but those are never asked or answered. I feel for the people who purchased solar panels but missed out on their subsidy, but the reality is that subsidies for solar installations are ANOTHER regressive government program (they benefit the wealthy the most) that our supposedly “progressive” politicians support.

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