Further (insider) analysis on Albuquerque’s golf courses

Yesterday I posted an article about private management of City of Albuquerque golf courses rather than the Mayor’s plan to allow them to suck up more subsidies. I received the following (which reflects my own information) from an informed insider. As usually is the case with poor/costly provision of government services, the issue lies with government labor unions:

The reason the city courses are struggling is the pay and benefits given to city employees who maintain the facilities.  Benefits kill the “pay roll”. City employees maintaining the facility also makes for terrible course conditions.

And if you saw the contract the “concessionaires” sign (private business owners DO operate the “pro shops” and food sales at city golf courses) it’s embarrassing. They give over 16% of revenue back to city which makes it nearly impossible for them to make any money. The national average is 8% back to the city.

Normal golf courses pay the super (80k), assistant (35-40k) the rest are  hourly laborers. City is all union/salaried employees with full benefits. Getting them to improve golf course conditions is nearly impossible.

Ladera Golf Course - Golf Course in Albuquerque
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  1. Here is the link to the city golf courses and the cost. Pay particular attention to the bargain rates for annual passes. https://www.cabq.gov/parksandrecreation/recreation/golf

    I am familiar with the costs of Albuquerque Country Club. To join, there is an initiation fee of thousands of dollars and ,currently, monthly dues of approximately $500 or $6000 per year. Additionally, if there is a budget shortfall or need for capital improvements, members can be tagged with a special assessment fee. Compare these fees with the ridiculously low subsidized fees for the city public courses.

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