Gallup polling data further indicates support for “right to work”

Following closely on the heels of our recent release of polling data on the potential for a “right to work” law in New Mexico (the poll found 85% support the concept of “right to work”), the Gallup polling organization has done some additional polling on issues surrounding unions and “right to work” laws.

For starters, according to the Gallup article, “82% of Americans agree that ‘no American should be required to join any private organization, like a labor union, against his will.'” That closely tracks our results.

When asked about “right to work” in a slightly different way, support for such laws remains strong at 71 percent approval:

Where things get really interesting is that despite overwhelming support for “right to work” laws, most Americans support unions:

This attitude flies directly in the face of anti- “right to work” union critics who try to conflate such laws with being “anti-union.” That could not be further from the truth and majorities of Americans seem to support unions themselves while also believing that workers should not be coerced into joining them or paying dues to them.

This puts RGF in-sync with most Americans although to be fair, we side with FDR in opposing government labor unions, but respect private sector unionism as long as they can’t coerce membership or payment of dues.

Oh, and one last kicker from Gallup. 65% of Democrats and more independents than Republicans (I guess those independents really support not being coerced to join anyone whether that be unions or political parties) support “right to work.”

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9 Replies to “Gallup polling data further indicates support for “right to work””

  1. From my own experience, I was “forced” to join the state employees union or loose my job of 22 years. No niceties, join or else..unions are nothing more than “jack booted thugs”.

  2. “Right to work” is a key stone to Liberty and Freedom. No wonder so many people are for it. Government worker unions are especially obnoxious; why would a government worker need one. All groups are allowed to form a collective, but they just can’t force anyone to join, making them subject to public scrutiny.

      1. Unions lobbied very hard for laws giving them the right to bargain for everyone in a given work place. Then they complain about “free riders” if they don’t get money or membership out of some portion of those workers. I don’t need a union to negotiate on my behalf and more private sector workers are deciding the same thing. Unions do have unique advantage to leverage government power in order to gain more generous benefits, but that is because government has no competition and has “unlimited” tax dollars at its disposal.

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