Gary Johnson-The New Ron Paul?

For anyone who cares about limited government, the possibility that former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson will run for President of the United States is a tantalizing possibility. For anyone who doesn’t remember the 2008 campaign for the White House, Ron Paul had a staunchly limited government campaign that generated a great deal of media attention and put libertarian-oriented ideas front-and-center while generating tremendous support from younger Americans.

Gary Johnson has launched a group called the “Our America Initiative” and the plugged in folks over at The Politico have now dubbed Johnson “The next Ron Paul.”

Certainly, given the paucity of proponents of limited government among the leadership of both parties and the popularity of the Tea Party movement, the door is open for a true fiscal conservative like Gary Johnson to make a big splash in 2012. Only time will tell, but New Mexico could have another “dog in the hunt” during the next presidential election.

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