Gary Johnson: the only “major” GOP candidate popular at home

With Gary Johnson having been snubbed this week by having been excluded from the CNN debate, the race to oppose Obama in 2012 is really getting started. Interestingly enough, a recent poll by Public Policy Polling finds that of the “major” GOP candidates (Ron Paul was inexplicably excluded from the poll), Johnson is THE ONLY GOP candidate to have positive polling numbers in their home state.

Johnson as 44-32 favorability ratings here in New Mexico. This is good news both for America and New Mexico for three reasons:

First and foremost, it shows that CNN was wrong in excluding Johnson;
Secondly it shows that being a fiscal conservative is popular, even in a heavily-Democrat state like New Mexico (hopefully Gov. Martinez has seen these numbers);
Thirdly, it would seem to indicate that the people who know the various candidates best like Gary Johnson better than people in other states. Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney, former Governor of another liberal state (Massachusetts), the front-runner and father of the failed “RomneyCare” experiment, has polling numbers that have him 12 points in the negative among his home-state voters. It would appear that small government ideas are still more popular among voters than are big government ideas.

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9 Replies to “Gary Johnson: the only “major” GOP candidate popular at home”

  1. I called CNN and requested that Gary Johnson be included in the debate. They chose to ignore me but that’s okay – I never watch them (except for the debate).
    The Former Governor is a great brain, terrific vetoer, and knows business inside and out. He doesn’t present the perfect Presidential picture and his views on legalization of drugs will be a hard sell to some die-hard, bible-belt conservatives. Too bad because I like him better than anyone else on that stage.

  2. Please tell me your opinion of GRIP – Gross Receipts Investment Program. We have a company in our town that recently qualified for the program and was approved by the City Council and, as I understand it, will be allowed a reduction in gross receipts paid to the city and state.
    Sounds like a good incentive however, it smacks of government in business and, this Construction company has been around a long time, has almost a monopoly on all county projects and does not appear to fit the bill as far as incentive goes.

    1. Was not familiar with it. Sounds like yet another narrowly-targeted “economic development” tool. Would be better if politicians would revise the GRT and reduce tax and regulatory burdens.

      1. I’ve done some more digging and spoken the the Mayor. The program, approved by the City last October is called GRIP as I stated before and does stand for “Gross Receipts Investment Program” – designed to provide incentives to new business but cannot discriminate against the old, established businesses if they qualify. It amounts to a rebate of any gross receipts tax that the City would collect back from the state based on CRS Reports and equals 1.7250%. I argue that it is an example of Gov in business but the Mayor argued that by giving back the tax it is just the opposite. I agree the better incentive for business is to revise our taxes and, revise our liquor laws so they do not become a major commodity in negotiations between investors and entrepreneurs

  3. Primaries, caucuses and other parts of this pre election “Circus” should start next year, preferably in June or even later, say September.

    To spend any time now, about 18 months before the election is just a game playing total and utter waste of time.

    Is/was Donald Trump a candidate? Of course not he is just promoting his “brand”.

    Put differently, what has Gary Johnson done since leaving office over eight years ago to show that he is interested in continuing in politics? NADA, Zip and Bupkis!!

  4. Gary is THE REAL DEAL! He’ll never fit in with the old school, Country Club elite GOP, and that will be the end of it. Sad, truly sad for our country. Only he, Ron Paul and Bachmann have a clue and I hope they can work a miracle and build some momentum.

  5. I agree that Gary Johnson is the real deal. How to build momentum? I hope Johnson is hearing his supporters.

  6. The ratio of (D) to (R) voters in this state means the (R) party can NEVER elect a state wide candidate on their own. It takes crossover votes. In the case of Gary and Susana, the conservative (D) votes elected both of them. Since there are not enough liberal (R) voters, the converse is not something that could happen.

    GRIP was the old Governor Richardson Improvement(?) Program and was “monkey trumpeted” on many highway construction projects all over the state. I am not sure the “I” was Improvement. He took personal credit for all the projects. Johnson did more for highways and got less credit. He was a fiscal conservative, for sure.

  7. I too was disappointed. I’ll take Gary over any of the other candidates any day. Unfortunately Gary is a relative unknown outside of NM and his view on drugs (although correct in my view) goes against the Republican conservative grain thus making him an outcast.

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