Gas Taxes to Double?

Now that gas prices are back down it looks like the tax hikers will be out in force demanding a higher gas tax on filling up at the pump. A federal commission just recommended a 50% increase in the federal tax. Of course, with Obama’s infrastructure “stimulus” expected to cost nearly $800 billion, debt won’t pay for it all. Of course, raising taxes to expand government won’t exactly generate economic growth.
Personally, I’d be okay with some kind of increase in the gas tax to improve fuel efficiency and provide for relatively consistent pricing as long as taxes were reduced elsewhere, but tax hikers rarely wish to give taxpayers’ their money back at all.
Rather than raising gas taxes (ostensibly to fund infrastructure), it makes the most sense to get the feds and Congress out of the infrastructure business entirely. This was actually a Republican initiative in Congress a few years ago and by putting the states in control it would at least force them to pay for “Bridge’s to Nowhere” on their own without bilking federal taxpayers.