Global Warming

As recently as earlier this year, I was willing to give the global warming crowd the benefit of the doubt and at least consider that reducing one’s “carbon footprint” might be a good thing. But alot has happened since then and I’ve been educating myself on the issue. Sometimes, given the “debate” going on in the mainstream media, it seems like this is what passes for debate.
This quiz is one creative way to dig deeper beyond the surface and figure out what you know about the issue.
Needless to say, while I recycle and drive a small car for my own reasons (recycling is REALLY easy and I’m cheap, so I like smaller cars) the hypocrisy of folks like Al Gore makes me wonder what his real agenda is….don’t give me any garbage about “carbon offsets,” you either live this stuff or you don’t. You can’t buy a clean conscience.
The thing that really makes me wonder is the longer perspective. We’ve had climate scares for generations (hot and cold), not to mention the malthusians who constantly harp on population and the supposed fact that earth simply cannot support more people, regardless of the fact that it continues to do so.