Good Enough for thee, but not for me

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the grope-a-thons at the airports. I wrote about them here. Now, we find out, that according to this article some government officials will not be subject to the screenings at all.

Of course, most government officials worth their salt will fly on the government’s own jet fleet, but even if they are subjected to flying commercial, they’ll be exempt. In other words, TSA security hassles are just fine for the rest of us, but for the government’s elite, they are unacceptable.

While calling Obama a Stalinist or a true “socialist” may still be over the top, is there any question that American society is starting to look like the Soviet Union where a small ruling class controls society and the rest of us just do what we’re told?

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4 Replies to “Good Enough for thee, but not for me”

  1. I keep seeing mental images of Germany in the 1930’s. For those of us who do see where this is leading, the question becomes how do we wake up the sheeple who think it makes them safer?

  2. Ben Franklin said it best:


    As far as the Germany of 1930 goes; I think NObama has memorized Mien Kamp, and really wants to be a DICTATOR.


  3. Of course this isn’t going to make us ‘safer,’ and I just want to scream when I hear the ‘sheeples” (I like that word) say that! This is simply to desensitize us to the removal of our 4th amendment rights. What is next? I called both Udall’s and Bingaman’s offices. Bingaman’s office ‘swore to me that the Senator had to go through the same screening the rest of us did! I laughed. I can recognize BS when I hear it and you get nothing but BS from his office!

  4. The shoe bomber and underwear bomber were captured by airline passengers who now, post 9/11 recognize the dangers of air travel. Both were entering the US from overseas flights. The possibility of a US born frequent flyer suddenly becoming a terrorist and fellow passengers allowing him/her to take over a plane are non existent. What if you suddenly fired the TSA, got rid of the full body naked scanners and allowed passengers to freely enter planes. I would argue the more knives, box cutters and concealed guns held by the non terrorists passengers, the better. Mohammed Atta and his cut throats would not stand a chance if the passengers flying with him that fatefull day understood the paradigm shift in plane hijackings from an inconvenient trip to Cuba to a fiery death. Fire the TSA. Let airlines compete with sophisticated forms biometric or profiling security. TSA is the biggest waste of man power, money, and the brainchild of politically correct thinking run amok. TSA is not only unnecessary, it has the potential to decrease airline passenger vigilance by those who think the naked body scans and junk gropings improve safety.

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