One Reply to “Good grief! When Republicans sell out”

  1. You’re absolutely right to point out a “sell out” when you see one. This kind of pandering and politically motivated decision making is exactly why our young people can no longer find the jobs needed in order to train themselves up the ladder, and, it is exactly why the Federal Reserve is allowed to continue to inflate our nation out of the consequences of similar, politically driven, decisions, which continue to create dysfunctional imbalances that we the people do eventually pay for. It’s the same reason that Corporations, who focus themselves on short-term stock gains, rather than towards the longer term strengthening and positioning of their companies, end up in the Enron, World Com, etc., trash heaps of the world…that is, back when we use to allow them to fail on their own merits. And, this is exactly why every so often; it becomes necessary to refill the preverbal economic punch bowl, after another damaging cycle of binge idiocy and political pickpocketing.

    And this guy is supposed to be a corporate genius with fresh ideas to bring to Washington…don’t count on it! This is just another sell out, among a long list of sell outs, who could really care less about reconstituting America’s soul, or its exceptionalism. Let’s not kid ourselves by waiting and hoping for another elitist clown to mature into adulthood…they never do.

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