Good Riddance to Sandra Day O.C.

At least she dissented in the Kelo and Medical Marijuana decisions.
But other than that she seems to have forgotten that she took an oath to uphold the constitution. Here is Chuck Muth on some of her swing votes:
“Well, there was that 5-4 affirmative action decision in which “The O.C.” was the swing vote. That’s the one which said some racial discrimination in college admissions is OK, while other racial discrimination isn’t. And that certain racial discrimination policies are OK today, but might not be OK 20 years from today. Reflect on that one.
And then there was the 5-4 decision in which “The O.C.” was the swing vote upholding the blatantly unconstitutional McCain-Feingold law which bans political advertisements by most Americans (but not the liberal editorial pages of the Washington Post or the New York Times) which are critical of candidates in the final 30 days of an election. Yeah, that’s something to reflect on.
We should also reflect on “The O.C.’s” embrace of the practice of using international law and court opinions as the basis for Supreme Court decisions, rather than that silly, old, antiquated, outdated U.S. Constitution thingy.
And then there was O’Connor’s swing vote which overturned a ban on one of the most grisly surgical procedures ever devised by man: partial-birth abortions. Even most pro-choicers find this procedure to be a bridge too far. But not “The O.C.” Sucking out the brains of an infant and killing it inches away from delivery. That’s certainly something to reflect on.”
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