Goodbye (and good riddance) Ben Lujan

Heath Haussamen says it in a more polite manner here (and it is indeed a shame that it had to be cancer to drive Lujan from the Legislature), but House Speaker Ben Lujan embodies much of what is wrong with New Mexico politics. As discussed by Haussamen, Lujan is arguably responsible for killing the Gov.’s legislation to make sure 3rd graders who can’t read aren’t passed along through the school system to add to New Mexico’s 43% dropout rate. Lujan also prevented school choice tax credits from coming to the floor for a vote, thus protecting many of his fellow Democrats from having to vote against policy changes that is supported by 78% of New Mexicans and would provide a life line for New Mexico children who are in dire need of better educational options.

Will the heir-apparent, Ken Martinez be any better? I doubt it, but there is nothing set in stone saying he HAS to be the next house speaker.