Goodbye (and good riddance) Ben Lujan

Heath Haussamen says it in a more polite manner here (and it is indeed a shame that it had to be cancer to drive Lujan from the Legislature), but House Speaker Ben Lujan embodies much of what is wrong with New Mexico politics. As discussed by Haussamen, Lujan is arguably responsible for killing the Gov.’s legislation to make sure 3rd graders who can’t read aren’t passed along through the school system to add to New Mexico’s 43% dropout rate. Lujan also prevented school choice tax credits from coming to the floor for a vote, thus protecting many of his fellow Democrats from having to vote against policy changes that is supported by 78% of New Mexicans and would provide a life line for New Mexico children who are in dire need of better educational options.

Will the heir-apparent, Ken Martinez be any better? I doubt it, but there is nothing set in stone saying he HAS to be the next house speaker.

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12 Replies to “Goodbye (and good riddance) Ben Lujan”

  1. You make it very clear that ONE person who controls what legislation gets to be voted on, or NOT voted on, has too much power. A 43% dropout rate !! A great record for New Mexico and it must be changed.

  2. How can this poor state ever rise in income or opportunity when its citizens are so poorly prepared (43% drop out) for life in a high tech world? School choice must be a top priority!

  3. I am sickened by the willingness of the “one party rule” in New Mexico to doom our children’s future to mediocrity by refusing to correct the obvious problems in the state’s education system. Are they so power hungry and greedy that they are willing to destroy the potential of our youth to compete successfully in what is now a world economy just to hang on to their pathetic little fiefdoms? Make no mistake, neglecting the education of our youth will have dire consequences in America’s leadership in technology and our economic well-being. What kind of people are proud of being a part of that kind of oppression?

  4. I’m glad someone else is saying something that I, as a mere mortal, can only think. Thanks Paul and Heath. Political correctness is “the art of picking up the doggie pooh by the clean end.” New Mexico has been ruled by one party for 78 of the last 80 years. I’ve been here for 60 of those and it is not going to change until the other party wakes up. The Republicans have never elected a governor, EVER. That statement includes the current governor(and I think she is the best Governor of all, so far). Republicans did not have enough physical votes to elect her by themselves, it took conservative crossover DemocRATs to elect her. If the parties put up two pretty much liberal candidates, a real democrat will not cross party lines. They decide to stay home and elect a real liberal from their own party. This is going to happen again this year when we replace Bingaman and the (R) party insiders are going to be responsible with their early meddling and endorsements in the race. If two liberals run, might as well elect the real one.

  5. It’s funny (but sad) that the self-pious politicians in New Mexico, of the party so long in power, have no desire to better the fortunes of the citizens of their own state. Will it change? Will we ever have government with a conservative bent?
    I read the anemic newsletters of Heinrich and Udall as well, and know that I have no voice in those places.
    Sure am pleased with our Guv though!!!

  6. New Mexico education system is headed for a major “train wreck.” This year is too late to salvage anything. Presently, students are tested at an eighth grade level to graduate from high school. Next year, they will face 11th grade level requirements. Less than half of those presently graduating will not make it. On top of that and around 40% drop out rates, we will have literally very few high school graduates. Of those, most will have to take remedial courses in college to bring them up to par with entry level performance. A country’s educated work force is the spinal cord for business growth, competition, and success. My friends, at this rate, we are headed for doom. We can thank Manuel Lujan and his crony democRATs for our present status quo. It is tragic, ironic really, that it is Hispanics suppressing Hispanics and the rest of us as well. Lujan belongs in jail for the disservice to our great State and the corruption he help promote while in office. Look at those serving time and those pending prosecution, whether from the legislature, executive (Richardson), or the judicial. Our state government had for too long been corrupted to the core. Look at who has been running the show for 80 years: democRATs. I am not sure Republicans would have done any better. As it is said, “Absolute power absolutely corrupts.” I is up to us, Citizen Patriots, to insure our public servants attend to the People’s business and any self serving individual is rooted out from office and face charges accordingly. WAKE UP New Mexico. Wake up. Ya Basta! Enough is enough.

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