Gov. Martinez heeds RGF calls to speak out publicly for LNG exports

The Rio Grande Foundation has led the charge in New Mexico on behalf of exporting liquefied natural gas, a potential boon to our state’s economy. We are encouraged that Gov. Martinez has seen fit to weigh in with the Obama Administration on behalf of LNG exports.

Rob Nikolewski broke the story at Capitol Report New Mexico and the letter is available here.

Kudos to Gov. Martinez for speaking out publicly in support of New Mexico’s economy. We wish our Congressional delegation were more outspoken (several Members have expressed support) and that President Obama would actually heed his own rhetoric about job creation.

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3 Replies to “Gov. Martinez heeds RGF calls to speak out publicly for LNG exports”

  1. In addition to exporting natural gas, I urge the RGF to support oil shale development and the safe ‘fracking’ process needed to get the oil out of the shale.

    NM is blessed with a large shale field in the NW area of the state (Mancos Shale) which is under development now by Encana the very successful Canadian oil/gas development company.
    So while Gov Martinez should be congratulated for her work on natural gas, let’s not forget oil shale development.

    1. You are absolutely correct George. The good news is that in the areas that have proven reserves, there is little opposition to development. In some places in northern New Mexico (like Mora) that hold potential reserves, ignorant politicians and corrupt environmentalists are conspiring to prevent oil and gas development of any kind. It is tough to overcome flat-out ignorance.

  2. I think a good place for New Mexico to start is by using LNG in New Mexico vehicles (both government and private) as an alternative fuel rather than ethanol which serves the corn producing states and is less efficient than LNG. How dumb is it to subsidize corn producers while our own state with an abundance of LNG is in economic crisis? I am very offended when I see a NM government vehicle driving around NM proudly displaying a plaque stating that “this vehicle uses 90% ethanol” or words to that effect. The governor should defy the feds for the good the people of her state and market locally and world wide what we have in abundance. The federal government has shown no reluctance to run roughshod over the states when it is to their advantage and we should push back when it is in the interests of the people of New Mexico.

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