Gov. Martinez: Say “No” to Exchanges!

Legislation has passed both houses of the Legislature that would set up so-called “insurance exchanges” that are a component of ObamaCare. Originally found in Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts state takeover of health care, the “exchange” is, according to Pete Sunderman of Reason: a highly regulated, government-run marketplace where individuals can shop for health insurance, by 2014. Each state is required to either show progress on building an exchange by 2013 or make way for the federal government to build and manage one directly.

Sunderman goes on to explain that “These exchanges are the chief method by which the federal government will exert control over the insurance marketplace… The Department of Health and Human Services will have the authority to determine minimum health insurance requirements for most medical services and providers as well as cost-sharing details for plans offered through the exchanges.”

As John Graham and I write today over at, New Mexico should not assist the Obama Administration in their hostile takeover of American healthcare.

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4 Replies to “Gov. Martinez: Say “No” to Exchanges!”

  1. We should not be implementing any part of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) until the court cases are settled and we absolutely have to implement it. It is an unconstitutional invasion of individual rights.

  2. The government would do better to spend their efforts to break the stranglehold of the AMA labor union. that limits the numder of doctors graduating from medical school, to assure big fees for their services.

  3. Can you clarify why some states (many states and organizations) are exempt from Obamacare. I’m still not understanding it.

    1. They have applied for and received waivers from the Obama Administration. Obviously, there is a great deal of concern that these waivers have been given to those businesses and unions that are politically-connected. The legislation contains a great deal of discretion….

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