Government Rail Runner crowds out private sector railroad

Advocates of the Rail Runner and other government-run rail systems like Amtrak love to argue that taxpayers should pay for their preferred mode of transportation because transit doesn’t make money and because it wouldn’t exist without subsidies. Well, in the case of the Santa Fe Rail depot, the Rail Runner’s bullying tactics could cost 25 people who work for a functioning, private-sector railroad, their jobs.

Sure, the Santa Fe Southern is using (maybe owns) the tracks and station and was there first, but who is a mere private company to stand in the way of the mighty State? I sincerely hope that Gov. Martinez acts to rein in the culprits before another business goes under due to government overreach.

Make this the 11th reason to shut down the Rail Runner.

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2 Replies to “Government Rail Runner crowds out private sector railroad”

  1. Tell the people that put Toll Lanes on CA Hwy 91 and built a Toll Road through South Orange County that “roads don’t make money”. You’ve obviously never driven on a Toll Road yourself.

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