Government Stimulus Just Doesn’t Work!

Awhile back, I discussed the federal stimulus and the use of those stimulus dollars to purchase LED lights which are more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs used in traffic lights. The cost to taxpayers was $5 million and I figured that, since the deal was already done, I’d heard the last about the issue.

Well, government incompetence and the rush to spend money, supposedly to stimulate the economy, has a funny way of coming back at you. That’s why I was amused to see this article in the Albuquerque Journal which explains that the new energy efficient lights cause a safety problem because they get covered up by the flying snow. Turns out, the heat from traditional light bulbs is actually integral to their operation in the winter.

According to the story, in some areas, public works employees must go out and scrape ice and snow off traffic signals. They recently used an improvised tool made out of a pole and an automotive ice scraper. So, these supposedly “cost effective” and “energy efficient” light bulbs require well-paid government workers to drive their polluting vehicles all over town wiping snow off streetlights every time it snows…..gotta love government!

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