GRT Hike in ABQ: Just Vote No!


It’s Election Day in Albuquerque. Two city council races are contested, and voters will decided the fate of several bond issues and charter amendments.

But the big faceoff today is between supporters and opponents of a GRT increase for the BioPark.

Here’s the Foundation’s case against the tax hike, which appeared last month in Albuquerque Business First.

KRQE’s Candace Hopkins spoke to the Foundation about the “revenue enhancement” recently, as did KKOB’s Stephanie Claytor.

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One Reply to “GRT Hike in ABQ: Just Vote No!”

  1. 8% of eligible voters participated in the election and this tax won by a margin of 4%. I am so disappointed in this win by so few people.
    I won’t go into all the reasons this should not have passed. What I want discussed is the creeping up of our sales tax. Up, Up, Up and away it goes.
    Every time bonds and new taxes are up for a vote, I always hear things like “this will only cost 13 cents out of every $100 spent” (the case for the Biopark tax) or for bonds, “this won’t cost you a penny more” (because it is a bond being renewed). All the things new taxes and bond proposals are wanted for sound like such good ideas and sound so cheap, why not vote yes for them. And people do, they ALWAYS pass. They also seen to never go away. I see the same bond issues on the ballots every time I vote.
    We need an amendment to the city charter that sets a limit on our local taxes. If we need to raise taxes or issue bonds for projects, some former tax must be eliminated or a bond paid off must not be renewed. People need to realize that an individual tax/bond items might not sound like a lot when it comes to cost because of the way they are presented, as stated above, but it adds up. The Biopark’s 13 cents out of $100 will give them $15 million per year.
    We need to prioritize our needs and we need a a sales tax limit.

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