Haaland called on the carpet by fellow Democrat over lack of leasing while Biden works to bring Venezuelan oil to market

At a Senate hearing recently Democrat Senator Joe Manchin called out Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland over the Administration’s lack of oil and gas leasing. The Rio Grande Foundation has recently noted that Haaland (and by extension the Biden Administration) have expressed great reluctance to expand domestic energy production.

On the other hand, presumably in an attempt to reduce gasoline prices, the Biden Administration has begun eliminating sanctions on oil-rich Venezuela.

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2 Replies to “Haaland called on the carpet by fellow Democrat over lack of leasing while Biden works to bring Venezuelan oil to market”

  1. The oil and gas policy of Congress makes no sense when it comes to the U.S. consumer.

    In the past we had a full export ban on oil and gas production precisely for national energy security for the long term. That gave us moderate end consumer prices and we kept important U.S. refinery jobs here. Instead, Congress lifted that ban which encouraged exports, kept national refining infrastructure in decline and made our home energy prices skyrocket. This has little to do with Russia or the Middle East.

    That said, perhaps the Interior Department Secretary should have been asked how many years worth backlog of unused leases the industry already owns (multiple years out I was told). She also could have been asked what our long term outlook is for critical industries such as food production as that is a sector too with oil price increases is seeing huge inflationary pressures on the end consumer product.

    I also cannot see the rationale in a drain America first policy when supposedly there is a climate “crisis”. Does that not encourage MORE not Less global use. I also cannot see us having, should Congress (or if we give up our sovereignty to the UN/WHO/WEF) declare a full on climate “emergency”, then having to buy back leases from the corporations at greatly inflated prices without a single barrel of oil or cubic foot being produced .

    IMO as I see it, consumers are being thrown in to support a bad marriage of socialism and facism called the global New World Order. I would say it’s creating a New World in Disorder.

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