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  1. Wow, a video attacking a private corporation for daring to adertise and featuring a joke about rape. New low for the Rio Grande Foundation.

    1. Per the video, $12.5B of taxpayer money was transferred to Chrysler to prevent it from experiencing the consequences of its actions. In my book, if a company is directly funded by the taxpayer, it cannot legitimately call itself a private corporation. Which explains why the original Chrysler commercial received so much criticism, it is a quid-pro-quo campaign ad paid for with tax dollars.

      I also don’t see how highlighting in a critical way the alleged criminal behavior of NFL players is making a “joke about rape”.

      1. You mean a joke about how a player guarded the door while a football player allegedly had sex with a woman against her will?

        Chrysler has also paid back a large part of the bailout and the bailout (which now even George W. Bush wants to take credit for!) has helped revitalize an industry that the Mitt Romneys and Rio Grande Foundations of the world wanted to die in America and let the foreign companies run it.

        I guess I’m for saving worthwhile American corporations that create manufacturing jobs when needed but others are for letting the jobs instead head overseas. Sad.

        1. There was actually no “alleged” as charges were never filed. But that really is besides the point. The facts relating to Chrysler are that they are a tremendous beneficiary of government largess that was undertaken at taxpayer expense which included the bailout and cash for clunkers. They are also now owned by a foreign company (Fiat). I’m not sure how this situation would have worked out in the absence of a bailout, but I can be sure of a few things: 1) taxpayers would be better off; 2) cars would still be readily-available.

  2. I did not think that the original commercial was that big of a deal. In fact, I did not even pay attention to it and I was not drinking any alcohol. The next day, I tuned into Talk Radio and everyone was going crazy!

    I’m starting to be embarrassed by my fellow conservatives, who sound as shrill as the liberals when it comes to our issues. “Oh my God, did you hear that!!! He said, ‘we all pulled together’!!! Sounds like code for collectivist socialism, which is a direct attack on rugged individualism and American exceptionalism!!! Obama is everywhere!!!”

    Lighten up people! It’s just a TV spot in a football game!

    Get over yourselves!

    1. I’m not saying it is a huge deal, but it is worth pointing out that Chrysler has received a massive infusion of taxpayer dollars.

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